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About Our Kennel

Take a few minutes to visit our website. We hope you will appreciate and better discover these little balls of love. Check out our page showing dogs, breeders and see our latest litters.
Beware of your heart, you will succumb to their charm, that’s for sure.

Bijoux de Coton is a kennel that is dedicated entirely to preserving the qualities and authenticity of the Coton de Tulear breed. Our goal is to raise cottons with the best of temperaments, to pass all genetic tests and to follow the standards required by the Canine Federation of Canada and the American AKC club which recognize Coton de Tulear as a rare breed.

Our cottons are part of our universe. They live in our house like any other family member. They are loved, cuddled and cared for.

Be careful not to fall in love!
They are contagious!

About the Coton de Tuléar Breed

The large island of Madagascar, located off the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, is home to many unusual creatures, but one of them has become a beloved export throughout the world: the soft and shaggy Coton de Tulear, a member of the Bichon family who probably came to Madagascar as long as several hundred years ago.

It’s said that the little white dogs either accompanied ladies on long sea voyages or were used as ratters on ships. It’s also claimed that the dogs were beached on Madagascar after being the sole survivors of a shipwreck.

However they arrived, they soon established themselves there. Some of the dogs became pets in the royal court and wealthy Madagascar households, while others were street urchins.

It wasn’t until sometime in the 1970s, however, that a Frenchman visiting the island brought some Cotons back to France and worked to establish them as a breed. Cotons were brought to North America during the same decade.

The Coton de Tulear is still found in his native land, but his sweet personality has made him a favorite throughout the world, including in the United States.

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